Laser engraving machine is currently a relatively common advertising engraving processing equipment. Compared with traditional operations, CO2 laser engraving machine has the characteristics of fast speed, easy operation, and easy drawing. It has been loved by many manufacturers. However, CO2 laser engraving machines tend to work for a long time, so malfunctions are inevitable. The following is a brief introduction to you how to solve the common faults of CO2 laser engraving machine, and hope it will be helpful for you to face the machine failure of laser engraving machine daily.

(1) The laser tube is on and the voltmeter has instructions

① Abnormal light output and heat in the light-guiding joints are common when the light-guiding joints are loose and the laser tube is not installed properly.

Inspection method: same light correction. Elimination measures: replace or adjust the light guide section, correct the light path.

②Laser power drop is common in laser tube aging.

Check: Check the voltage regulator with a multimeter and check the working voltage of the laser tube with a high-voltage meter.

Treatment: Replace the aging laser tube and replace the damaged components.

(2) The laser tube is not bright

①The indication of the voltmeter is common when the power supply line has an open circuit. Poor contact with foot switch or manual switch.

Check: Use a multimeter to measure. Treatment: repair or replace.

②Voltmeter has no indication. Common fuse is broken, or the circuit is open.

Check the measurement with a multimeter. Treatment: Replace the fuse, or connect the circuit.

③The power indicator does not light up, usually the fuse is broken, the incoming line is poorly connected, the indicator circuit is bad or the indicator is broken.

Check: check the fuse, check the power supply line, and check the indicator circuit.

Treatment: Replace the fuse, repair the wire and replace the indicator light.

④Continuously burning the fuse is usually caused by a short circuit in the machine and serious dirt in the machine.

Check: Check the wires step by step, mostly because the high voltage part has a short circuit. Treatment: Repair the short circuit and remove the dirt.

⑤There is discharge sound or arc light in the machine. It is common that there is dust, water or air humidity and corrosive gas in the machine.

Check: Observe the discharge point in a dark place. Treatment: Remove dust, water, etc., and change the working environment.

⑥The laser output is unstable. It is seen in the poor contact inside the machine, and there are slight intermittent short-circuit points in the machine.

Check: Check the line level by level. Treatment: Replace the wire, re-weld the wire end, and clean it.


(1) If the whole machine is found to be discharged due to humidity or other reasons during adjustment and use, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.

(2) The laser machine can work continuously for 4 hours at low current, and the use time can be shortened as appropriate at high current.

(3) The chassis should be grounded, and the power cord should be single-phase three-wire.

(4) Please place the light guide joint arm in a dry box when not in use to prevent the lens from becoming moldy.

(5) Cut off the power supply and carry out high-voltage discharge during maintenance to ensure safety.