We all know that the use of laser cutting machines is very accurate, but sometimes a little error occurs, which affects our cutting effect, and may even bring losses. Therefore, we need to find out the reasons as soon as possible and make adjustments in time. Then, there are several reasons for the error of the cutting machine:

  1. workpiece geometric error.

Due to various reasons, the surface of the processed object of the fiber laser cutting machine is undulating and heat is generated during the cutting process. In this way, the surface of the thin plate part is easily deformed, and due to the uneven surface, the laser focus and the processed object will also be generated. The position of the surface changes randomly from the ideal position. The roughness of the cut sheet. In general, the smoother the surface of the cut material, the better the cutting quality.

The cutting material thickness exceeds the standard. Generally, the thickness of the sheet that can be cut by a metal laser cutting machine is less than 12 thicknesses. The thinner the sheet, the easier it is to cut and the better the quality. If the plate is too thick, the laser cutting machine will be more difficult to cut. Under the condition of ensuring the cutting, there will be errors in the processing accuracy, so the thickness of the plate must be determined.

  1. the error caused by the workpiece clamping device.

The workpiece to be processed is placed on a needle-shaped worktable. Due to machining errors and long-term wear between the workpiece, the needle bed will appear uneven, and this unevenness will also produce random errors in the position between the thin steel plate and the laser focus.

  1. 3.programming errors.

In the process of fiber laser cutting machine processing, the processing trajectory on the complex curved surface is fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc. There are errors between these fitting curves and actual curves, which make the relative position and ideal of the actual focus and the surface of the processed object. An error occurs in the programmed position. And some teaching programming systems will also introduce some deviations.

  1. The laser output power is not up to standard. When the laser cutting machine is running and debugging, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power reaches the standard. Generally, the higher the laser output power, the better the cutting quality on the same thickness of the plate.
  2. The focus position is not accurate. If the focus of the laser cutting machine is not aligned, it will directly affect the cutting accuracy, so it must be calibrated and checked before running. You can also buy Jinan Kingway auto-focusing laser head when purchasing the machine, auto-focus, to ensure cutting accuracy.
  3. Processing speed. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine directly affects the processing accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve the best match between the cutting speed and the material before running.

When working on a laser cutting machine, we must take it seriously. Under normal circumstances, geometric errors of the workpiece, errors caused by the workpiece clamping device and errors caused by programming are difficult to avoid for these random errors. We will only do everything It is possible to reduce the error, thereby improving the accuracy of the cutting machine.

In addition to the regular sharing of equipment operation guides, MORN LASER will conduct system professional pre-delivery commissioning for every laser cutting machine that leaves the factory, and provide users with professional training after the equipment is landed to help operators master equipment operation and maintenance skills to ensure Equipment stable processing.