Full Cover

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Run your factory in full efficiency with our full cover fiber laser cutting machine. The auto-loader and auto parallel pallets system keeps your production flowing without machine stop. It is best for mass cutting of plates and tubes, which saves huge labor costs and improves efficiency by 50%. Thanks to powerful and durable laser and protective view windows, you benefit from high-quality cuts over the entire sheet thickness range and a safe and clean cutting environment for each workday.

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All-round display including whole structure, features, running state, cutting samples, etc.

Powerful ProCutter For High Power Cutting

A smart cutting head guarantees high dynamic performance for thin material cutting and best quality when cutting thick materials. It operates stably with laser power of up to 30 kW. You benefit from stable performance both at cutting thick CS plates and curved contours.

Cast Aluminum Crossbeam

The crossbeam boasts of high rigidity and light weight, promising a high dynamic response and processing efficiency.

Double Exchange Platform

Auto up & down chain-type parallel pallets system keeps your production flowing without machine stop. With an immediate switch, you benefit from the fastest speed of pallet exchanging.

Safety and Clean, 0 Pollution

Fully enclosed structure, safety viewing window, dust removal system, etc., every detail promises a safe and pollution-free production environment.

Pipe Processing

The fully automatic torque control electric chucks clamp large diameter pipes and provide adjustable current, stable performance as well as great clamping force.

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Laser Cutting Process Database

The powerful cutting process database guarantees rapid cutting of all thickness plates, achieving greater processing efficiency and superior cutting quality.

Product Parameters

Working Area3000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*2500mm
Laser Power2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W/8000W/10000W/12000W/20000W/30000W/40000W
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm
Maximum Linkage Speed140m/min
Maximum Acceleration1.5 G
Power SupplyAC380V 50HZ OR AC220V 60HZ


Applied Materials:  Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Alloy, Galvanized sheet, etc
Application Industries:  Sheet metal fabrication, Automobile manufacture, Electrical cabinet, Elevator and escalator, Kitchen appliance Metal doors and windows

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