Toy plays an essential part in children’s childhood and its materials and safety have a great impact on children’s health and the whole family’s happiness. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys are the mainstream development trend of toys, of which wooden toys are popular now around the world by virtue of their healthy raw materials, smoothing surfaces, safe designs and more. Wooden toys are now highly demanded by the market, with which CO2 laser cutting machines is also indispensable for wood-made toys production.

CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine has wide versatility that it can be used to cut many common materials like wood, cloth, paper, glass, plastic, rubber, acrylic, etc. To produce wooden toys, a CO2 laser cutting machine for wood is a must. Then why on earth laser cut wooden toys are good for children’s health and are widely welcomed by parents?

To answer the question, let’s firstly have a glance at the laser cutting process. CO2 laser wood cutter can neither directly touch the surface of wood, nor can it damage the nature of wood. The laser machine only creates wooden toy products according to the designs set on the connected computer just like a printer. Hence no harmful elements are formed during the cutting process.

CO2 laser cutting machine for wood

In addition, children, especially babies, tend to bite toys or “eat” their own fingers which have direct contact with the toys. This can affect their health and even bring dangers. Nontoxic materials are therefore extremely important to toy production. Most traditional toys are made of plastic, metals, or some chemical synthetics, hard and harmful. Their unhealthy components are easily to enter children’s bodies on the one hand, and on the hand these hard toys sometimes can hurt children. While laser cut wooden toys significantly reduced the risk of children’s hurting themselves with toys.

baby bite toy

Besides, it’s estimated that the cost on wooden toys are even lower than that of metal or plastic toys. Less investment can make children reap more healthy happiness from laser cut wooden toys. This is also an advantageous element that can account for the popularity of wooden toys.

laser cut wooden toy

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