With the launch of the new MT-L6012F laser cutting system for large formats, MORNLASER expands its range of cutting lasers upwards and does so without distorting its typical peculiarities and the use of sources fiber laser.


MORNLASER has recently expanded the range of its products by presenting MT-L6012F, the new laser cutting system for large formats. MT-L6012F allows, in fact, to process sheet metal with a size of 6,000 x 12,000 mm, while maintaining the typical characteristics of the smaller MORNLASER MT-L1530 models, namely: high speed and great flexibility over a very wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Six sliding doors on the side for maximum accessibility
The principle of the supporting beam patented by MORNLASER, has been revised and implemented also in this new model: this guarantees even higher rigidity and stability to the structure without overshadowing rapidity and high positioning accuracy. Key factors in the management of a cutting machine of such important dimensions, operator ergonomics and easy accessibility, are guaranteed: the six sliding doors on the long side allow, in fact, easy access to the work area, while the large windows, approved for safe use of solid state lasers, and the position of the new control console ensure maximum visibility of the cutting area.
MORNLASER has paid particular attention to the new Electric Pallet Change: fast and performing regardless of the size and weight of the sheet, it is designed to minimize the risk of anomalies by always moving the processed material below the raw material.

Choose the feature that best suits your needs
The result of MORNLASER’s long experience in the field of fiber lasers, the MT-L6012F system is equipped with a single optic cutting head that allows cutting with constant high quality throughout the range of workable thicknesses and ensures rapid production changes eliminating any dead times of adjustment. The Cooling technology allows the active control of the lens temperature. The MT-L6012F is also natively equipped with the two cutting functions, Standard and PowerCut, which allow you to choose the operating mode that best suits the various production needs. The Standard cutting mode guarantees greater safety in unmanned machining, while PowerCut allows reactivity and greater execution speed. MT-L6012F is a productive and versatile solution, with reduced consumption and competitive operating costs, capable of machining larger parts guaranteeing significant design advantages.


Extra Large Format Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Extra Big Format Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Posted by Jinan MORN technology CO.,Ltd on Sunday, October 18, 2020

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