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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” Pablo Picasso said. This denotes that colors, pervading in every corner of the world, play a vital role in our lives, affecting our moods, choices, attitudes and behaviors. Modern industries are increasingly adept in conveying product information and marketing means by dazzling colors. So does machinery manufacture.

We, MORN Group, an experienced manufacturer of laser machines, treasure colors as a visual method to express company culture and product information. But is it worth a river of words to describe what colors can be painted on our machines? Or whether it deviate from the customized service that we always promise to customers?

To answer the questions, let’s firstly share you an interesting story of our customers who may neglect the relation between machine operation and machine colors. Some “humorous” male customers inquired us whether we can paint our machine with pink or purple, which confused us whether they were choosing barbie dolls. We do respect every customer’s preference for colors, but we care more about every single user’s safe operation and comfortable user experience.

In order to help prevent workplace accidents and train new employees, standard color codes have been developed and adopted for manufacturing facilities and machinery that provide an uniform message to all users. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed standards for color and meaning (ANSI Z545.1. Color Codes.) These standards have been adopted and promoted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect users.

safety color

Then we convinced those pink or purple lover customers that proper machine colors we recommend are more comfortable visually for operators for safe work and long-term use. And it’s almost impossible to change the color when you are tired of such pink or purple color.

Therefore, the optional colors which are carefully selected by our technical experts are listed here to help you choose a safe machine with beautiful coatings, yet more practical and visually comfortable.

6 colors

For MORN® laser machine, 6 colors can be selected:

1. Red:

Designates “danger”, “stop” and “warning signals” for users and surrounding people. This can accelerate user’s safe operation and prevent people from touching the machine. Also combining with black, the red machine body appears more stable and elegant.

laser cutting machine

2. Orange:

Designates “warning” and dangerous parts of machinery or energized equipment which could cause injury. Also as the main color of MORN logo, orange appearance is the representative of MORN classic machine models.

laser engraving machine

3. Blue:

The most popular color for business occasions and machinery manufacture, usually warning against starting or moving equipment under repairs. It is the golden mean for machine color selection.

laser engraving machine

4. Gray:

Designates “strong”, “stable” and “powerful” features of machine whose high quality and solid design can give users a sense of safety, encouraging their productivity.


5. White:

Designates “pure”, “clean” and “light” to help users build inner peace during tedious work and focus on work efficiency. In particular, this inner peace is of great significance to focus on subtle errors and achieve highly precise results during laser engraving, cutting and marking process.

fiber laser marking machine

6. Black:

Designates “power”, “elegance” and “formality” of the machine. It matches well with any other bright colors with its inclusiveness.

laser machine