Perfect cutting results have close relation with right maintenance on the fiber laser cutting machine, in addition to the quality of the laser machine itself. When working on sheet metals, the laser focus lens will be smeared by metal residues, which can influence the cutting precision. So regularly cleaning the lens and mirrors is a must.

fiber laser cutting machine

Quick and Easy

It’s recommended to inspect the optics before each use of the fiber laser cutting machine for metals. Don’t deem it a trouble or a time-wasting thing. It only takes less than 2 minutes to finish the cleaning work!

The focus lens and mirrors on laser head should be checked once a day visually, and the side mirrors should be inspected once a month at least. It will be a good idea to check them in some fixed time, for example, in each morning or evening. Then you won’t feel it a trouble and meanwhile better protect the optics of your fiber laser metal cutter.

fiber laser cutting machine focus lens

2 Steps to Clean Lens

Although you are recommended to inspect and clean the lens regularly, do clean it whenever you see dust on it to eliminate the risk of bad cutting results and lens breaking.

Step 1: Before cleaning

  • Prepare clean cotton swabs and a bottle of industrial ethanol;
  • Using a blower or compressed air to blow off the dust and dirt on lens;
  • Clean your hand with soap or detergent and clean towel;
  • Move the working table of metal fiber laser cutting machine upward to prevent the lens from falling down on the table and breaking during removal process.

Step 2: wiping and Cleaning

  • Carefully remove the lens;
  • Wipe the lens in one direction with cotton swab dipped in ethanol;
  • Repeat for several times until there is no dirt on the lens;
  • Reinstall the lens on the laser head for next use.

fiber laser cutting machine laser head

Please note that lens and mirrors need special care when cleaning them to prevent breaking. Do not wipe lens back and forth to avoid scratching it. Do not directly wipe the dirt on the lens with fingers or rough cloth, lest it will be scratched and must be replaced with new ones.

Then the lens is properly cleaned to ensure high-quality cutting results. To clean the mirrors of fiber laser cutter for metals, you can follow the same steps easily.

Need further information? Please contact us for professional maintenance precautions or operation guidelines on fiber laser cutting machine.