The metal fiber laser cutting machine has unparalleled advantages in cutting metal sheets. It not only has very high cutting accuracy but also has a smooth section without burrs. Metal fiber laser cutting machines always can achieve very good cutting effects whether it is cutting thick plates or it is cutting thin plates. However, these good cutting effects are closely related to the focus control of the metal fiber laser cutting machine. And it is the same principle as the focus of the SLR camera to achieve better imaging results.

When the metal stainless steel carbon steel aluminum brass fiber laser cutting machine is cutting different materials and different thicknesses plates, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the focus of the fiber laser beam will be set in different places, which is what we all call focusing.

In the initial application of the metal fiber laser cutter fiber laser cutting machine, the main method of adjusting focusing is to rely on manual focusing. Now with the fast development of metal fiber cutter fiber laser technology, this manual focusing method has been gradually eliminated, and the automatic focusing function has been widely used. For example, the full range of fiber laser cutter metal fiber laser cutting machine from MORN Laser is all equipped with fully automatic focusing functions. So, may some people will say that the optical path is integrated into the cutting head, can the focus function be achieved by changing the height of the cutting head? When the fiber laser cutting head is raised, the focus position is higher, and when the fiber laser cutting head is lowered, the focus position is low. In fact, this is not the case. The bottom of the fiber laser cutting head is the cutting nozzle. During the laser cutting process, the distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece (nozzle height) is about 0.5-1.5mm. We regard 0.5-1.5mm as a fixed value, that is, the fiber laser cutting nozzle height does not change, so we cannot adjust the focusing by lifting the metal cutter fiber laser cutting head (otherwise the cutting process won’t be completed).

The focal length of the focusing lens cannot be changed, so we cannot adjust the metal fiber laser cutting machine focal position by changing the focal length. But if you change the position of the focusing lens, you will change the position of the focus: when the focusing lens goes down, the focus goes down, and when the focus lens goes up, the focus goes up. ——This is indeed a way to adjust metal laser cutter fiber laser cutting machine focusing. The motor is used to drive the focusing lens to move up and down and to achieve the metal fiber laser cutting machine automatic focusing.

Another method of automatic focusing is: before the beam enters the focusing mirror, a variable curvature mirror (or named adjustable mirror) is set, and the divergence angle of the reflected beam is changed by changing the curvature of the mirror, thereby changing the focus position.

With the automatic focusing function, the metal fiber laser cutting machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position when we processing workpieces of different materials and different thicknesses. In this way, the processing efficiency of the metal fiber laser cutting machine can be significantly improved, and the perforation time of the thick plate will be greatly reduced.

So, for metal fiber laser cutting machine, the automatic focusing function is an important and indispensable function.

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