Having been created several decades ago, fiber laser itself is not totally new to us, and since the 1980s, it has been used to weld metals. But nowadays fiber laser technology has also been utilized in metal cutting and marking which are now standing on the prosperous period of vigorous development.

If you are rightly searching for an affordable cutting solution for your business, then a fiber laser cutting machine may be a good option among all kinds of cutting methods. In particular, if the materials you want cut belong to the metal family and are thinner than 4mm, a fiber laser cutting machine becomes more appropriate to you. Why? The following description will give you the answer.


Firstly, with the maturity of fiber laser technology and increasing investment being put into the laser field, the cost of buying a fiber laser cutting machine and relative expenditure of machine operation and maintenance grow lower than ever before. Thus you can cut a great part from your budget.

In addition, from the perspective of fiber laser cutting machine itself, it cuts metals via the way that the fiber laser melts or vaporizes the surface of materials in a flash, and meanwhile, the auxiliary gas (oxygen or nitrogen) blows away the residue produced from melting metals, clean and fast. The thorough cutting process is so reassuring that you won’t worry about cleaning the machine or workplace.

Last but not least, the fiber laser cutter can cut with pretty efficient energy utilization. The fiber laser beam has a much shorter wavelength than traditional CO2 laser machine, which can be better absorbed by the metals and more perfect cutting results can be produced then. This also means higher cutting efficiency and lower operation cost.

In a word, fiber laser cutting machine can offer you an affordable cutting solution with higher cutting precision, lower energy consumption and faster-cutting speed. You can directly contact us for more details about fiber laser machines.