Metal kitchenware laser welding machine

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s texture and aesthetic needs for daily necessities are also increasing. For example, the kitchenware industry is gradually moving towards automation. If you want to meet customers’ all-round needs for the aesthetics and texture of kitchenware, traditional welding methods are already overwhelming. Only laser welding machines  can meet customers’ high-quality needs in an all-round way. Lead kitchenware manufacturers to give priority to Seize the high-end market.

At here, we are glad to share you the hand-held fiber laser welding machine, that popular used in metal kitchenware industry. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding machines have significant features and advantages. Let us show you at follow.

The hand-held optical fiber welding machine is mainly composed of high-quality accessories such as a laser generator, 8 meters (longer size is optional), a hand-held laser welding head, and a water cooler. The emergence of hand-held fiber laser welding has overturned the working mode of traditional welding machines and replaced the previous working method of fixed workbenches with hand-held methods. The operation mode of the hand-held portable laser welding machine is not only more convenient for welding large, difficult-to-move kitchenware products, but also for long-distance welding. It can also be used for welding irregular and customized metal kitchenware. It also enables laser welding. Operation outdoors becomes possible. This is one of the reasons why traditional welding such as electric welding and argon arc welding is gradually being conquered and replaced by laser welding.

Laser welding machine advantages in the kitchenware welding industry

chicken metal welding

1.Energy saving and electricity saving.

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine can save about 80% to 90% of electrical energy than traditional welding methods.

2. Fast welding speed.

Its welding speed about 3-10 times faster than conventional argon arc welding, tig welding, plasma welding, etc.

3. It can weld all kinds of special-shaped metals.

Simply complete mechanization and automation.

4. The welding is firm.

The firm strength of the weld is much higher than the strength of the metal itself.

5. Good welding and sealing performance.

It can be perfectly applied to various water tanks, fuel tanks and other metal products that require extremely high welding and sealing performance.

6. Small spot, no pollution, high precision positioning.

The hand-held laser welding machine can also perform micro-small parts and precision welding.

7. The heat-affected zone is small, the deformation is small, the welding seam is beautiful, smooth, and no porosity.

After welding, only simple treatment or no treatment is required. In laser welding, the heat input is extremely low, and the deformation after welding is very small, and a very obvious welding surface effect can be obtained. With a hand-held laser welding machine, the secondary processing cost of the huge polishing and leveling process is greatly reduced, and the processing cost can be basically saved by about 30%.

8. Easy to learn, easy to operate and save processing cost.

The laser welding machine is very easy to learn and operate, so there is no need for professional welders with high labor costs, and it is completely possible to use new people with very low labor costs to weld. About save 2-3 labor costs than before.

Our Morn fiber laser welding machine can reduce the overall cost of kitchenware manufacturing while fulfilling customers’ demand for beautiful and personalized kitchenware products. So it is more and more popular used in metal kitchenware industries.

Besides perfect weld stainless steel kitchenware products, it also suit to weld many kinds of other metals. Such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, iron, aluminum, brass, alloy, etc. It is widely used in many kinds metal industries. Such as kitchenware industries, precision machinery manufacturing, decoration, bathroom products, arts, advertisement, hardware products, aerospace, etc.

If you interest and want to know more information about our fiber laser welding machine. Please do not hesitate to contact us.