Application of laser welding in aerospace industry

Welding technology is a part of connection technology and an important part of manufacturing technology. It is also an indispensable technology in the manufacture of aircraft, aerospace engines and some precision devices. In the field of modern production and manufacturing, more and more products use various welding methods to connect parts of different materials, shapes, structures and functions into a complex whole, which greatly simplifies the overall processing of components and saves materials , Improve production efficiency. With continuous experimentation and research, laser welding gradually showed its good process performance and mechanical properties after welding. Compared with traditional TIG welding and MIG welding, laser welding has the characteristics of high welding quality, high precision, and fast speed. It is currently one of the fastest developing and most researched methods. In recent years, many international scientific researchers have carried out a lot of research on aluminum alloy laser welding, and gradually formed a more reliable aluminum alloy laser welding technology. Let’s introduce the application of laser welding in the aerospace industry.

The proportion of welded parts in modern AERO engines has reached about 50%, and the important role of welding technology in the manufacture of aerospace products is self-evident. Among many manufacturing technologies in aerospace, the advantage of welding technology is that it can significantly reduce the weight of the engine, reduce the cost, simplify the structural design, improve the performance and product added value. As one of the most important leading process technologies in manufacturing engineering, welding has penetrated into the entire process of high-end manufacturing such as aerospace.

Compared with traditional riveted fuselage wall panels, laser welded fuselage panels have obvious weight reduction effects, can improve the performance of the connecting parts, and have the advantages of reducing manufacturing costs and improving production efficiency. However, the problems of stress concentration and deformation caused by laser welding are not present in the riveting process. The laser welding process of the fuselage panel of a large passenger aircraft is a complex welding process with large size, small thickness and multiple weld seams, and its deformation process is very complicated.


  • Laser beam quality is excellent, welding speed is fast, welding seam is firm and beautiful, bringing efficient and perfect welding scheme for users;
    ● Industrial PC control, workpiece can do plane trajectory motion, can be welding points, straight lines, circles, squares or linear and arc composed of any plane graphics;
    ● High electro-optical conversion rate, low energy consumption, long-term use can save a lot of processing costs for users;
    ● High reliability of equipment, can be 24 hours of continuous stable processing, to meet the needs of industrial mass production processing;
    ● Special aircraft customization ability is strong, can be tailored to customer needs to create exclusive models.

Titanium alloys are mainly used in AIRCRAFTS, and have been transformed from secondary load-bearing structural parts to main structural parts. Aluminum alloy is the main structural material for launch vehicles and various spacecraft. First, by comparing the traditional welding and laser hybrid welding of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, it is highlighted that laser processing has the advantages of energy concentration, easy operation, high flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, high quality and efficiency. With years of laser research and development experience, MORN Laser Equipment has mature product technology and safe and stable product performance. MORN Laser has always insisted on providing customers with the best quality products and services.

The above is the application of laser welding in the aerospace industry. The biggest advantage of laser welding is that its energy is concentrated, resulting in a large aspect ratio of the welded joint and small welding deformation. With the continuous improvement of laser beam quality, laser welding has now become a mature welding method, widely used in different fields of national economy and national defense construction.

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