Some Points of WHY Selecting MOPA Laser Marking Machine

I saw the MOPA in the title and looked up the acronym online. Is there a benefit to a MOPA machine and if so, why is it better?

“MOPA” (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) approach is the most popular way of achieving power scalability to engrave both colorful, black oxide coatings or original marks on metals. It can also be perfectly used for plastics laser making. The master oscillator produces a highly coherent beam, and an optical amplifier is used to increase the power of the beam while preserving its main properties, which all ensure better engraving effect and high precision.

MOPA m6 has a outstanding ability that could mark colors on stainless steel by changing its Pulse width and frequency. It has wider Pulse width (1-250ns) and Frequency (1-2000KHz) adjusting range than other laser source. Hence MOPA m6 fiber laser is able to meet your work need sufficiently.

This machine has a great color capability  (i assume with the M6 laser) Is the M6 laser good for dark marks on Stainless steel?

Yes, because M6 laser has wide Pulse width and Frequency range, the dark marks on Stainless steel ability is better than other laser source.

I see the max depth is .2 mm.  Is that a normal depth for fiber mark marks or does that vary by machine?

The marking depth is decided by laser power and marking time. Different laser sources with the same power can mark the same depth. For example, with any laser source, 20W max depth is 0.2-0.3mm, 30W is usual 0.5mm. Usually the max depth marking needs more times.

I saw that the software is extra, does it include any, and Can I use CorelDraw to run the fiber mark?

The software of laser marking machine is EZCAD that support .ai, .plt, .dxf, .bmp, .jpg and so on formats. But no plug in from CorelDraw. You can use CorelDraw output attached formats and import to EZCAD to start marking, it is easy to operate with its plug and play feature. Tested configurations parameters according to your work requirement will be backed up in parameter library and screenshot will be saved in U disk and PC.

We also have detailed tutorial video and manual to help you with it. I could offer online help when you install the machine.

I have noticed that there are different size lenses. I’ve seen up to 300×300.  Is there a drawback to using a 300×300 lens?  Should we stick to smaller 200×200?

Yes, bigger lenses and engraving area means less making effect. The 200mm lens’s focus length is about 330mm from lens to material surface, while the 300mm lens focus length is about 470mm. Shorter focus length will absolutely ensure depth marking ability and higher marking precision. And bigger working area requires bigger power of laser source. If 200×200 can meet your requirement, it works well with 30W laser source. If 300×300 is chosen, then 50W laser source will be better.

I was looking at a 30 watt premium unit and noticed that there are 4 different laser source options. I wonder why the IPG is so expensive. Generally, I wonder what makes them different and is that IPG that much better.

As for 4 different laser sources, CAS and MAX laser sources are popular brands in China, with lower effect. Raycus is NO.1 laser brand in China and also the best-seller for our American customers, with high engraving precise and fast speed.IPG is US brand, is globally the best laser brand high engraving precise, best marking ability and most stability among these 4 brands. But IPG has the highest price due to its high raw material cost and technology cost. Another advantage of IPG is that you could get their laser source after-sales service from US.