Fiber laser marking machine consists of standard portable fiber laser marking machine, separate fiber laser marking machine, handheld fiber laser marking machine, and sealed fiber laser marking machine, of which the sealed fiber laser marking machine is considered to be the cleanest one.

Sealed fiber laser marking machine, as its name supplies, is an integrated fiber laser marking machine covered by specially designed metal shell. It looks like a wardrobe or a refrigerator, taking up a smaller space than other types of fiber laser makers. This kind of machine can create an ideal work environment for the owners.

fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, the sealed metal shell can isolate the machine body from the dust or erosion of damp air, which can effectively prolong the lifetime of the machine and keep its good marking performance as well. While general fiber laser marking machines are easily to be messed by powders or dust produced from marking process or from the surrounding environment. Users only need to clean the metal shell rather than go deep into the screws and joints to clean all the machine components.

In addition, sealed fiber laser marking machine can offer a quiet marking process with few noises produced. When processing the materials, users just need to open the door of sealed fiber laser marking machine, put the materials inside and close the door afterwards. Then set up the marking patterns on the connected computer and wait for the marking result. In this process, the sealed fiber laser marker is just like a magic room in which high quality marking works are created in a quiet and custom way.

sealed fiber laser marking machine

Besides, as mentioned above, sealed fiber laser marking machine only takes up a small place so that it’s pretty suitable for small workshops, stores, homes or somewhere that has strict requirement for space. This is also one of the reasons why sealed fiber laser marking machine are widely welcomed by users.

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