Fiber laser welding machine used in battery industry

Laser welding machines are needed in many industries, and they are also needed in electric vehicle power batteries. In the production of batteries, an important process is the welding process. Below, Morn will show you the application of fiber laser welding machine in the battery industry.

Batteries are widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, automobiles, electric vehicles, ships, rail vehicles, medical equipment and other industries, cost-effective, high-performance batteries are attractive for power and alternative energy applications. And our laser welding machine is just the battery manufacturers to meet this demand.

The main parts of the battery that need to be welded

They are the battery shell, electric core ear, explosion-proof film, battery pack. The power cell core can be divided into square, cylindrical, soft package battery, battery pack is a series of multiple cell power supply.

The requirements of energy storage and battery life for battery application are higher and higher in the market, and the requirements of battery weight and cost are getting lower and lower. Batteries usually contain many kinds of materials, such as zinc, steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel and so on. These metals may be made into electrodes, wires or shells. Considering the minimization of weight and cost, they should be as thin as possible. The conductivity, strength, air tightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance of each battery are typical welding quality evaluation standards.

automatic laser welding machine

Features of laser welding in battery welding

Morn welding technology of the fiber laser welding machine can be well used in several aspects of the power battery: safety valve structure sealing welding, cover plate sealing welding, lead tab welding, tab assembly welding, and battery pack connection welding. These aspects are where the power battery will mainly use the laser welding machine. The laser welding machine is used to weld these parts. The laser has good absorption of their materials, and the heat affected zone of laser welding is small. Beautiful seam, stronger welding and relatively safer.

There are many welding spots for power battery welding and high welding strength requirements. The laser welding machine can fully meet the requirements of power battery welding, and the welding quality is guaranteed. In the welding process of the traditional welding method, the stability of the single point energy has a great influence on the quality of the welding, and the welding effect is far inferior to that of the fiber laser welding machine.

Laser welding has always been an essential process in the manufacturing process of lithium battery. Various materials are widely used in laser welding, such as stainless steel case, aluminum case, polymer and so on. The special high speed of laser welding is unmatched by other traditional welding technology. With the continuous development of industry and science and technology, there are higher requirements for the working efficiency and welding quality of battery welding. The fiber laser promotes more efficient and perfect welding, which can realize low heat input and high solidification rate at the welding seam, and can effectively control solidification defects occurring in mixed metal welding.

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