when it comes to laser marking technology, there will be several laser marking methods occurring to your minds, among which fiber laser marking is the most emerging and promising type in modern industries. Why? To answer this question, let’s firstly introduce some basics of fiber laser marking machines, and then we’ll dive into the advantages of fiber laser marking compared to other types of laser marking methods.

1.What is fiber laser marking?

Fiber laser, which has shorter wavelength and more precise than other laser beams, is the key to mark on the surface of various materials. It adopts fiber pumping technology to enhance the ability of the fibers who conduct light-emitting diodes. Then the diodes are pumped through the fibers to the laser heads that produce beams of light to create marking capability. The laser beam thus can mark multiple patterns on the materials in which common metals and some non-metals are included.

fiber laser marking machine

2.What are fiber laser marking machines used for?

Fiber laser marking machines can be widely used in those fields where special identified symbols or logos are needed to be marked on the products and advertising boards, such as bar codes, product models, directories, patterns and images on the decorations, etc. If you are working on industries like advertising, medical devices production, ornaments manufacture and more, a fiber laser marking machine will be a good choice for your business.

3.What advantages do fiber laser marking machines have?

The main reason why fiber laser machines are so popular nowadays lies in that the equipment boasts lots of advantages which are superior to other types of laser marking methods. Detailed information can be demonstrated as below.

1) Higher marking precision and quality are the top one advantage which outperforms other laser marking methods.
2) It’s much simpler and cheaper to use even if you are a beginner.
3) Minimal maintenance and almost zero parts replacement can save considerable operation cost for your business.
4) Fiber laser marking machines have pretty small footprints and only take up a little space, suitable for even small-size workshops and stores.
5) Fiber laser marking machine price is lower than other laser marking machines like Co2 laser marking machines on average.
6) Fiber laser has a brighter future as more and more human and material resources are invested to fiber laser research and development, in which case, fiber laser equipment, including fiber laser marking machines, will become more technology-intensified and efficient.

fiber laser marking machine part

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