How To Set The Laser Cutting Parameters And Quality Control Of Fiber Laser Cutter?

Compared with traditional cutting methods, the fiber laser cutter has obvious advantages. Due to its high precision and obvious narrow slit effect, laser cutting adopts non-contact technology. With the development of the manufacturing industry, the quality of laser cutting is increasingly required.

This article analyzes how to set laser cutting parameters and quality control.

Parameter setting of fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting parameters include cutting speed, power, gas cutting, etc. Laser cutting analyzes the cutting quality and cutting efficiency separately, and analyzes the impact of different types, but through the combination of laser cutting to achieve the various parameters required for the best configuration, different factories will According to the cost structure, quality and efficiency are paid special attention to and weighed to a certain extent.

  1. Cutting speed.Laser head can move along the part shape in unit time. The higher the laser cutting speed and the shorter the cutting time, the higher the laser cutting production efficiency. However, when other parameters are fixed, the laser cutting speed is not linearly related to the cutting quality. A reasonable cutting speed is a range value. Below this range value, the energy of the laser beam remains too much on the surface of the part to cause excessive combustion. If the range value is exceeded, the energy of the laser beam is too late to completely melt the part material, resulting in The cut is impenetrable.
  2. Laser output power.The laser output power is the output energy of the laser system, and laser cutting represents the ability of the laser beam to melt materials per unit time.
  3. Focus position. The laser output is finally focused on the point with the highest power density through a special lens. The focal spot diameter is proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. The focus of fiber laser cutter is to set the thickness according to different positions. The correct focus position is an important condition for obtaining stable cutting quality. The cutting quality of laser cutting is related to the laser beam, but also related to the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, laser cutting The size of the laser beam after focusing has a great influence on the quality of laser cutting.
  4. The pressure of the auxiliary gas. An incision is formed in the gap. Proper air pressure can help speed up the laser cutting speed, and the auxiliary gas pressure also affects the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutter.If the thickness of the laser cutting material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately reduced. Cutting with lower air pressure can prevent frosting.
  5. Nozzle distance. The focused laser is applied to the surface of the part through a copper nozzle. The distance between the work piece and the laser nozzle is called the distance of the nozzle. The distance from the nozzle to the part is measured based on flow and pressure. The blowing force of the gas that is too far away is too large, and the exhaust gas flow is too large, which will affect the splash. The appropriate distance is 0.8-1.0mm. Choose different types of nozzles according to different material thicknesses.

The analysis test of the main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting.

According to the analysis of factors that affect the quality of laser cutting, select the thermoformed parts with a thickness of 1.0~3.0mm for laser cutting test, and select cutting blocks, cutting holes or cutting edges for analysis. The test procedure is as follows.

  1. Test the focus position and adjust it according to the deviation of the focus. The focus position is gradually adjusted from 3mm to 3mm, with an increase of 0.5mm each time. Compare the cutting quality after recording. The focal position with the best cutting quality was retained in the next test.
  2. Adjust the power of laser cutting. In the first step, the power test is performed at the focus position with the best cutting state. The power starts at 1000 W and cuts every 300 W. Record and compare cut quality.
  3. Change the cutting gas pressure. The focus and power state with the best cutting quality in the second step were tested. The air pressure starts from 7Pa, and the cutting quality is compared every time 1Pa is added. Keep the laser cutting gas pressure value with the best cutting quality for the next test.
  4. Increase the cutting speed. The focus, power state and cutting gas pressure value of the best cutting quality in the third step were tested. The cutting speed starts at 6000 mm/min and increases by 1000 mm/min. Record and compare cut quality.
  5. Setting of nozzle distance. The focus, power state, cutting gas pressure value and cutting speed with the best cutting quality in step 4 were tested. The nozzle distance starts from 0.6mm and increases by 0.2mm each time until the nozzle distance is adjusted to 1.2mm. Record and compare the cutting status each time, and finally get the nozzle distance value of the best cutting quality.

Selection case 1: 2 mm thickness material, adjustment of focus position -3 mm, nitrogen cutting pressure 12 Pa, nozzle distance 1 mm, cutting power 3000 W, cutting speed 12 m/min, because various parameters are adjusted well and cutting conditions are good , Through various tests, the cutting surface is smooth when the parameters are adjusted to the most suitable condition.

According to the motion form and motion characteristics of fiber laser cutter, the motion model of the machine tool motion axis can be established through motion configuration. At the same time, to ensure the relative position of each model, combined with the characteristics of laser cutting technology, the model production was analyzed, which can effectively ensure the quality of product processing, and laser technology has a broader application market.

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