Precautions for unpacking the equipment

After the laser cutting machine is unpacked, first carefully check the appearance of the equipment, and if you find sheet metal deformation, wire breakage, etc., you should contact us in time. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully count the parts of the equipment. When counting, the actual number and name of the parts in the box should be compared with the parts list, and check one by one. If there are missing or wrong names, they should be communicated and resolved in time. At the same time, the packing box of the laser should be preserved for future maintenance and packing.

Precautions for equipment installation

(1) Points for positioning and adjustment of fiber laser cutting equipment. When positioning and adjusting fiber laser cutting equipment, the equipment should be positioned in-plane, horizontal, and elevation. When positioning the equipment on the plane, pay attention to the flatness of the ground. At the same time, when using a forklift, be sure to fork on the side without the tank chain to avoid damage to the tank chain and cables.

When positioning the equipment horizontally, it should be carried out according to the adjustment method equipped with the machine tool, and it is strictly prohibited to use any other methods (such as prying with steel rods). When positioning the equipment in elevation, a reasonable height should be set, taking into account the stability and movement speed of the equipment.

(2) Precautions and preventive measures during equipment installation. During equipment installation, ensure that the crane and forklift must be operated by qualified personnel. Other personnel is strictly prohibited from operating. At any time, for whatever reason, no part of the human body can be under the crane. The wire connection must be operated by qualified personnel. To avoid electric shock, it must be confirmed that the grounding work has been carried out. When grounding, the main circuit breaker of the factory should be turned off. Do not close the main circuit breaker before completion. At the same time, during the wire connection process, a warning sign should be hung up to remind others that the wire connection is in progress. When wiring on the ground is required, in order to protect the wires from damage, a safe and strong shielding protective cover must be used to completely cover the wires. When lifting the machine tool, wire ropes and spreaders should be used at the designated location, and the above items must be able to fully bear the weight of the machine tool. After the installation of the machine tool is completed, the following inspections are required before turning on the power supply: all wire connections and lubricating oil addition have been completed; all pipelines have been correctly installed and properly fixed; all screw and plug connections are firm and reliable; wipe

Water and dust on the machine tool; make sure that there is no leakage of water or oil around the machine tool.

(3) Preventive measures before equipment commissioning operation. In order to prevent the occurrence of equipment failures, equipment supervisors should check designated items before the operation starts: check the working area and the movable parts of the machine tool for obstacles. Check whether there are water and oil on the ground to prevent slipping. To rotate the power switch button, strictly follow the steps in this manual. Make sure that each door and protective cover are safely closed. Check the function of all protective equipment to ensure that there is no malfunction or damage. After turning on the power, check the contents: the display does not display any error messages or alarms; the motor and gears have no abnormal sound; the cooling fan of the electrical cabinet rotates normally; all shafts and guide rail surfaces are provided with sufficient lubrication; the machine tool is preheated (not Including laser); Do not leave flammable materials in the laser control area.

(4) Preventive measures in equipment debugging operations. It is strictly forbidden to destroy, remove, or relocate any safety devices or interlocking devices. Observe during operation: do not open the safety guard of the machine tool; do not enter the movable part of the machine tool; do not re-tighten, measure the workpiece, remove chips or clean up around the machine tool while the machine tool is running. During the adjustment of the external light path, please observe: do not put any part of the body under the sensor base (ie, cutting head); before starting the axis movement operation, please confirm the correctness of its movement direction; do not laser on the human body Beam irradiation; do not look directly at or touch the laser indicator red light, laser beam or its scattered light, otherwise it may cause serious personal injury (including blindness and burns); when performing laser cutting, you should wear designated protective clothing and goggles, Otherwise, it may cause serious personal injury; provide ventilation, dust collection and exhaust devices for smoke and gas before the operation. Otherwise, lung function may be severely affected. If the machine tool stops suddenly during operation, find out the cause of the failure and understand the steps to restore operation. It is forbidden to start the operation again before this: do not directly touch the material with your hands after cutting to prevent burrs or heat from causing injury; do not wear gloves when operating any switches, keys, or buttons; do not work in the machine tool or work Any tools or parts are left on the table or the surrounding area to avoid misoperation, injury to workers or movement of the processing position; during operation, it is strictly forbidden to lean any part of the body on the machine tool to avoid contact with switches or keys and cause errors Action: If the machine tool does not operate normally, there is an alarm message displayed on the screen, or there are any signs of failure, please immediately notify the equipment monitoring personnel and maintenance personnel.