Although both Fiber laser and CO2 laser can be used to process metals, they do have differences in many aspects. And honestly speaking, fiber laser is superior to CO2 laser with the development of laser technologies. The following section will give you a brief comparison between these two laser technologies.

Firstly, in terms of basic structures, fiber laser beam is working mainly by mean of diodes and fiber cables, which rather differs from CO2 laser requiring CO2 gas. Also the fiber laser is more compact than CO2 laser. All diodes and fiber cables can be integrated to a less space, so a fiber laser machine usually is smaller in size and save you much work space.

laser head

In addition, what makes the fiber laser stand out is its energy-saving performance. An obvious contrast can prove it’s more energy efficient than CO2 laser. When processing a project, the energy efficiency of a fiber laser can be expected at 25% – 30%, while the energy efficiency of a CO2 laser cutting machine can only be 8% – 10%. From these data, you can easily find that a fiber laser machine will save you far more energy and money than a CO2 laser machine.

Last but not least, maintenance is also a vital factor that cannot be ignored in comparison of fiber laser and CO2 laser. In general, a CO2 laser machine needs regular or annual maintenance for accessories replacement or something else, which can cost you more than ten dollars in a year. However, if you have a fiber laser machine, there is no need to replace its devices or maintain it frequently. With time going by, it’s hard to calculate how much you will pay for a CO2 laser machine, but you will get more returns from a fiber laser machine.

laser cutting work

These comparisons of course aims not to deny the advantages of CO2 laser system. Here we just provide you a good understanding about fiber laser system that is soaring in modern laser industry and has won a global popularity from laser businessmen. And if you have any questions about these two technologies, please feel free to contact us and we will offer you better laser solutions in detail.