As Wikipedia defines, a fiber laser or fiber laser is a laser in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth elements. In modern industries, fiber laser has played an increasingly significant role in laser processing fields, and this article plans to tell some advantages and applications of the fiber laser.

fiber laser application

1. As its name supplies, fiber laser is a fact or phenomenon that light exits in fibers. And in this way, the light can be delivered onto the surface of movable focusing objects, which is of great help to metal and polymers processing.

2. The waveguiding properties of the fiber can stop the thermal of the optical path from distorting. So this high-quality optical beam can highly focus on the element with intensified thermal.

3. Fiber laser machine has a so compact size that more space can be saved.

4. High output power is the major advantageous element that superior to older solid-state lasers.

5. The fiber laser can save more cost for users. You will save both operational cost and maintaining cost in actual fiber laser work.

6. Fiber laser has good reliability resulting from its high temperature, dynamic stability, free maintenance and longer lifetime compared to other types of lasers.

7. High peak power and nanosecond pulses contribute to efficient work in fiber laser engraving and marking.

8. High-quality laser beam and additional power can offer cleaner cutting results with faster speed.

9. Fiber laser technology raised throughput and reduced production cost compared to traditional lasers. Therefore it is now being widely used in high-performance devices and projects production.

fiber laser head

Advantages of fiber laser help this technology to be welcomed by various industries. And the application of fiber laser is mainly constituted by fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking with high precision, lower cost and faster speed. Also, it frequently appears in medicine, telecommunications, spectroscopy, and much more industries.