6 Factors Affecting Laser Cutting Quality

As a common equipment in industrial manufacturing, laser cutting machine is widely welcomed by users because of its high precision and fast cutting characteristics. It should be noted that the cutting accuracy of laser equipment is an important factor in judging the quality of laser cutting machines. Today, I will share an analysis of the 6 major factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting machines.

The bed of the fiber laser cutting machine

The machine bed with high rigidity and high wear resistance, adopts high-temperature annealing process to ensure that the bed will not be deformed for a long time.

The beam quality (BPP) of the laser generator and the fiber core diameter 

The laser beam quality of the laser generator, namely the BPP value, is one of the important parameters to measure the quality of the laser. The smaller the BPP value, the better the beam quality, which means that the smoother the section of the laser, the higher the accuracy during sheet metal processing.

The fiber laser core diameter refers to the diameter of the operating fiber. The smaller the core diameter, the more concentrated the laser power, and the finer the slit, the higher the processing accuracy.

Accuracy of transmission components 

One of the most important factors affecting the cutting accuracy of a laser cutting machine is related to the transmission accuracy of the machine tool. Mainly include; rack machining accuracy, gear machining accuracy, reducer backlash accuracy, linear guide accuracy, mechanical component manufacturing accuracy, and assembly accuracy of the entire transmission system. The accuracy of the transmission component system is the core of the entire equipment, and is the most critical factor. However, just looking at the brand of the transmission component cannot judge the accuracy of the equipment manufacturer.

Cutting process

The cutting process is also one of the main factors affecting the cutting accuracy. The cutting process refers to the experience that the craftsman adjusts the processing and cutting parameters of various plates and different parts according to different working conditions and continuously summarizes the experience to provide customers with the best cutting quality .

For example: common edge cutting process

The use of common edge cutting in the laser processing process can save cutting time and reduce the number of perforations, with significant benefits. But the common edge cutting needs to rely on intelligent programming software and reasonable programming. In the process of processing, the thermal deformation of shifts will reduce the cutting accuracy, and the plate will be warped and a collision alarm will occur, so that the cutting is not smooth. Therefore, when the programming is unreasonable, the effectiveness of coedge cutting will be lower than that of non coedge cutting.

laser samples


The influence of power on cutting is mainly manifested in the quality of the cutting section. During laser cutting, if the power setting is too large, the entire cutting surface will melt and the seam will be too large, and good cutting quality will not be obtained; when the power setting is insufficient, cutting stains will be produced, and scars will occur on the cutting section; The power is too small to cut the workpiece. Especially for plates with a large thickness, the requirements for perforation, cutting surface and whole plate cutting are extremely high. If efficient and stable cutting is required, it has to rely on high-power cutting technology, which is represented by 10,000-watt laser cutting technology. .


The effect of speed on different materials is basically the same. If the speed is too fast, it may cause inability to cut, sparks splattering, and the fire section presents an oblique streak road, resulting in a thicker cut section and melting stains on the lower half. If the speed is too slow, the cutting board will be overmelted, the cutting section will be rough, and the cutting seam will be correspondingly widened, causing the entire area to melt at the small rounded or sharp corners, and the ideal cutting effect cannot be obtained. The speed of the feed speed can be judged from the cutting sparks; generally, the cutting sparks spread from top to bottom, and the sparks are inclined, and the feed speed is too fast; if the sparks appear non-spread and small, and aggregate together, the feed speed is too high. slow.

The above are the 6 major factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting machines shared by MORN LASER. If you want to know more about fiber laser cutting machine, you can follow us, we will update relevant information about metal laser cutting machine from time to time.

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