The sun is burning and scorching hot in summer. The laser machines also felt the temperature change, there may be with output laser power decreased, and even sometimes a direct strike! Have you ever wondered why that is? Morn laser today for you to unlock the laser welding machine strike mystery!

The water chiller of the laser welding machine has a cooling function. If the temperature difference between the fixed temperature of the water chiller and the room temperature is large, the water vapor in the air will liquefy and adhere to the surface of the laser when it meets the cold laser. These mists will reduce the laser output power and stability, and excessive water vapor will cause the laser to strike. So how to solve this problem?

In fact, the laser welding machine is in need of maintenance, in winter and summer needs to be adjusted to the temperature of the water tank. Prevent the room temperature is too cold or too hot to affect the laser output power. It is suggested that you can adjust the temperature of the water tank to 3~5 degrees lower than the room temperature according to the room temperature, which can not only ensure the power of laser light but also ensure the stability of laser light.

In summer, laser welding machine faults are high. The statistical results show that most of the faults of the high-power laser welding machines are closely related to the operation sequence of users and the operating environment of the equipment. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation and reduce the equipment failure time and the loss caused by it, we should take preventive measures.

1. The mechanism of preventable failure

The laser welding machine is a piece of high-tech equipment that converts electrical energy into laser energy. The internal structure is relatively complicated, involving multiple disciplines and fields such as light, mechanics, electricity, and calculation. Although compared to other types of laser welding machines, the environmental requirements are lower, but the use environment must also be guaranteed to meet the requirements so that their own protective measures can actually play a protective role.

If there are omissions in the power-on sequence, enclosure airtightness, and water temperature setting, etc., it may cause the electronic and optical components inside the laser welding machine that need to be cooled by water to cause surface condensation due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, thereby reducing the performance of the laser welding machine, or even damage it Laser welding machine.

2. Preventive measures

This measure is mainly to prevent the condensation of electronic or optical elements inside the laser welding machine, which can be specifically divided into the following points:

1) Ensure that the chassis is sealed

The case of the optical fiber laser welding machine adopts a closed design and a cabinet air conditioner or dehumidifier is installed to ensure that each element in the case is in a relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. If the case is not sealed, the high temperature and high humidity air outside the case can enter the inside of the case. When it meets the components with internal water cooling, it will condense on the surface when it is cooled, causing possible damage. The inspection of the enclosure should pay attention to the following aspects:

Whether the cabinet doors exist and are closed and secured

Whether the lifting bolts at the top should be tightened

Whether the protection cover of the unused communication control interface at the back of the chassis is properly covered and the used one is properly fixed

2) Keep the laser welding machine on and off in order

Because the laser welding machine case cannot be completely sealed, when the equipment is power off, the case air conditioning stops running. If the room is not equipped with air conditioning or the air conditioning does not work all the time, the external hot and humid air can gradually penetrate into the case. In order to ensure the operating environment of the laser welding machine, on the premise of safety, please keep the machine on at all times, including only turning off the water cooling machine at night, let the laser welding machine keep the key closed and the power continuously, so as to keep the air conditioning in the cabinet running.

If you restart the machine, you should pay attention to the following steps:

Do not turn on the water cooling machine, first start the laser welding machine main power, and turn on the key switch of the laser welding machine, let the air conditioning cabinet run for about two hours.

After starting the laser welding machine for two hours, turn on the matching chiller, wait for the water temperature to adjust to the preset temperature, and then prepare the laser welding machine to shine.

Carry out normal processing

Correspondingly, the shutdown sequence of laser welding machine should be: first turn off the water cooling machine, then turn off the laser welding machine. The laser welding machine cannot be in the closed state, but the water cooling machine is in the running state!

3) Suggestions:

Install the air conditioning room for the laser welding machine, start the air conditioning dehumidification function and keep the air conditioning running continuously and stably (including at night) so that the temperature and humidity in the air conditioning room are maintained at the level of 27 and 50% respectively.

3. Water temperature setting

The temperature of the cooling water has a direct impact on the electro-optical conversion efficiency, stability, and condensation. Under normal circumstances, the cooling water temperature is set as follows:

The water temperature of pure water (also called low-temperature water, used to cool the laser welding machine module) should generally be set at about 21, and it can be adjusted between 20 and 25 according to the situation. This adjustment needs to be carried out by professionals.

Deionized DI water (also called high-temperature water, used to cool optical parts) The water temperature of the water circuit should be set between 27 and 33. This temperature should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the higher the ambient temperature, The higher the humidity, the higher the temperature of DI water should be. The basic principle is: DI water temperature should be above the dew point.