With the development and spread of fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machine production plants are also numerous. When purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, what equipment is an important component that affects the cost of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Brand of fiber laser cutting machine Many domestic fiber laser cutting machine factories have the advantage of the region because of their early start. Established companies have dominated many environmental trends. There are many customers, the accumulated reputation, and the quality are relatively reliable. Therefore, the cost of fiber laser cutting machines for a few established companies are slightly more expensive.

In terms of construction of fiber laser cutting machine, plasma power supply, motor, numerical control system, delay machine and other important components are commonly used. Because the imported motor, for example, Panasonic’s servo is much better than domestic ones, although the cost is much more expensive. The entrance of the plasma power supply is several times higher than the domestic one. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the selection of construction and its own needs, and it is better to apply it to yourself.

Layout of fiber laser cutting machine If you touch the fiber laser cutting machine factory, you can see that the color, surface and layout of each factory are not the same. Quality has the advantage of environmental trends. Some factories will find cutting corners, intending to use cost advantages to dominate one-sided environmental trends. It is like adopting a slightly poorer guide rail, poor workmanship of the beam, etc. to reduce the cost. Therefore, the cost of the layout is very different.

When the cutting machine is working, the transfer rate of the lower roller table of the cutting machine is synchronized with the speed of the pinch roller to reduce the resistance of the billet and ensure the quality of the cast billet. At the end of the cutting, the front roller of the fiber laser cutting machine is switched to high speed. The casting billet is quickly sent out of the cutting area. Therefore, the roller table in the cutting area should be equipped with adjustable speed transmission. Normally, it can be used for direct spreading motion and speed-adjustable exchange transmission. At this time, it can only guarantee high-speed blanking.

The quality of the laser cutting machine itself determines the price; lasers, cutting heads, machine tools, etc. are all important parts of the laser cutting machine, especially the laser, which is like the heart of the laser cutting machine, and its quality directly determines the cutting process. Therefore, when buying products, merchants must collect relevant information on the Internet and check the information about these core components of the laser cutting machine.

The difference in cutting material and thickness determines how much power laser cutting machine to choose; the price of choosing different power laser cutting machine is also different.The 500W laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel materials below 3mm, and the 1000W can cut stainless steel materials below 8mm. There is a big difference in price between the two.

The strength of the laser company determines the price; there are currently thousands of companies producing laser cutting machines in China, and the price of each is definitely different. So when choosing, don’t just look at the price, but also look at some hidden factors, such as after-sales service. This is very important. The production history of laser cutting machines in our country is not long, and it is not stable in the process of operation. , It is inevitable when failures occur, especially high-power laser cutting machines, which have higher requirements, so when we buy laser cutting machines, we should pay attention to buying a long-term “insurance”, this insurance is to choose a company with good after-sales service.

Especially in China, many companies use price as a competitive factor. Price competition often does not simply appear in the face of high and low prices, but appears in the market in the form of a cost-effective blend of brands. It is recommended that when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, whichever suits your company is the best.