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Economical Sheet Fiber Cutting Machine

Economical Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Get an economical fiber laser cutter with a small investment, running at full speed but low cost. MORN Economical Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a 1000W laser cutting machine specially designed for the advertising industry to cater to the increasing demands of metal advertising products. The economical and practical laser cutter adopts high rigidity enhanced lathe bed, advanced laser source, and top-rated transmission parts to ensure high-performance cutting. 


Practical with low investment and high returns

High flexibility, fast and excel at processing complex graphics on kinds of metal sheets

Non-contact processing, smooth incision, and no need for secondary rework

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Working Area3000*1500mm
Laser Power1000W
Power SupplyAC380V 50HZ OR AC220V 60HZ

Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head


Double layer contamination-proof design protects all lens and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Built-in double cooling design

Built-in double water-cooling structures keep the lens temperature constant, avoiding lens damage due to poor dissipation.

Drawer-type lens mounted

Flexible adjustment, adjustable range  20mm with precision 0.05mm

Optimized structure design

Optimized optical configuration ensures smooth and efficient airflow.

Aviation Aluminum Beam

Aerospace standard manufacturing, strongest strength of all beams (6061 T6);

High impact resistance performance and light weight, best for high-speed movement

High Rigidity Enhanced Lathe Bed

30 days’ strict manufacturing process, high-temperature annealing treatment, effectively eliminating of weld seams and bed stress

72h vibration aging treatment, high strength and rigidity, ensuring non-deformation within 20 years

Heavy-duty bed made of high purity steel plate with a thickness of over 10mm, super stable even at high power cutting

Professional Sheet Cutting System​

Intuitive operation system with touch control simplifies your laser cutting process.

Integrating CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one, from drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting, metal processing is just a few clicks away.

Raycus Laser Source​

100,000 hours of lifetime, free maintenance

High electro-optical conversion rate (up to 40%) and excellent beam quality.

Low electricity consumption greatly saves your costs

S&A Industrial Water Chiller​

Automatically adjust the temperature according to different working environment, no need to change settings parameters

Intelligent dual temperature dual control mode provides effective temperature control solutions for fiber lasers in all directions

Multiple alarm protection guarantees safe and continuous production

CE, RoHS, REACH  certifications


Applied Materials:  Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Alloy, Galvanized sheet, etc

Application Industries:  Sheet metal fabrication, Automobile manufacture, Electrical cabinet, Elevator and escalator, Kitchen appliance Metal doors and windows

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