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4 axis CNC router machine
  • 4 axis CNC router machine
  • 4 axis CNC router machine
  • 4 axis CNC router machine

4 axis CNC router machine

  • Model:  MT-CM1224
  • Working Size:  1300*2500mm
  • Price:  $ 0.00 / Set      Price based on congiguration - Inquire Now
  • Supply Ability:  100 sets/month (goods in stock)
  • Payment Terms:  T/T, L/C, West Union
Wood CNC Router Machine 

This machine is specifically made for 4D engraving - the spindle (A-axis) can rotate +/- 90 degrees. Also, with the Syntec Ez-4ME control system, Yaskawa servo motors, HSD air cooling spindle, Delta inverter, and Becker vacuum pump, you are guaranteed the best of the best from industry leaders around the world.

With this machine, you can carve arced or rounded surfaces with ease, and create beautiful doors, cabinets, etc. It can even work on MDF and acrylic, and some soft metals!

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    Technical Parameter 4 Axis CNC router with ATC:





    Working area



    9.0 kw HSD ATC spindle

    Spindle moving

    +/-90° moving

    Control system

    Taiwan Syntec EZ4 control system


    8 ATC tools in one disc for change

    Servo system

    Japan 850W Yaskawa Servo motor and driver

    Guide rail 

    Taiwan PMI square 30 rails


    X, Y gear,Z by ball screw


    Taiwan Delta inverter

    Machine frame

    Heavy duty body to ensure the stability


    T-slot and thick PVC table

    Spindle speed



    G code/mmg/nc.cnc,etc

    Design software


    Working accuracy


    Repositioning accuracy


    Max. No-load speed


    Max. Working speed




    Total weight

    1800 / 2000kg(Net/Gross weight)


    3PH 380V 50HZ/60HZ power supply 


    Strong plywood case

    Note: As the 4 axis cnc router is professional for uneven material process. According to your job, you could add the automatic changing tools to improve the working efficiency. and if you work could be finished only by one or two sets tools, the 4 axis cnc router without ATC is also a good choice. 

Machine Components

1.Spindle: Italian HSD 9kw 40axis spindle to guarantee the strength, accuracy, and longevity of the machine
2.Syntec controller: Taiwanese control system makes the machine easy to use

HSD air cooling spindle: The best famous brand over the world


Japan YASKAWA servo motor with big strength

Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system, it is widely used in China

Taiwan Delta inverter, YASKAWA driver



Applicable Industries
The 4-axis CNC Router with ATC is a great choice for processing materials with rough or uneven surfaces, or materials with an unusual shape. It’s also perfect for bevel engraving, milling, and cutting. It’s extremely accurate and well-suited for even the most complex jobs. 

It’s well-suited for the following applications:

1.Molds: wood, wax, gypsum, and foam
2.Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plates, office furniture, tables, chairs, and windows
3.Plate Processing: insulation parts, plastic chemical components, PCB, the inner body of cars, bowling lanes, stairs, anti-bate board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixed compounds
4.Decoration: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, and plastic, as well as soft metals like copper and aluminum
5.Other: voice boxes, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine tables, and other instruments


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