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What is best laser engraving machine?

Time:Oct 16, 2014Author:Linda H

It is really a very interesting question, since it is not only one question. In general, we always think the most expensive one is best, but it’s not. This word “best” is under many situations, such as your budget, the detailed work you want to do, the size you want etc.

First,the machine must suitable for you works. No matter laser power or working size.

Second,the machine price must within your budget. It needn’t be the most famous brand,just good quality is ok.

Third,the laser carving machine must with reliably after-sale service, and then when you meet some problems during usage, there will be somebody there to help you solve it.


You just need to tell us the work you want to do, the size and thickness of your materials. Our sales will suggest you the most suitable machine model :)  To learn more through:

Please contact with to get detailed quotation :)

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