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Normal metal cnc router machine is different from metal mould cnc router

Time:Nov 26, 2014Author:Amar

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Here we want to say something differences between the normal metal cnc router machine and the metal mould cnc router machine, a lot of differences:

1. Machine structure different, normal one with aluminum structure; Metal mould with iron structure;

2. Normal one with gantry movement, and metal mould machine with table movement;

3. Normal one with T-slot table, and metal mould with iron table;

4. Normal one is not professional machine for mould making, metal mould machine is the professional machine for shoes mould making. 

5. Normal one with DSP handle controller system; Metal mould with original NC studio control system.

6. Metal mould with higher precision ball screw, higher precision orbit.

Totally speaking, metal mould cnc router machine with higher precision, also higher cost; If you want to make mould with this machine, we do suggest you to get the professional machine. If you don't make mould specially, we suggest you to choose the cheap metal cnc router machine then.

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