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Instructions about MORN newest laser engraving and cutting machines

Time:Nov 19, 2014Author:Amar

Dear friends,

Good day to you.


Now MORN laser machines has some changes on the machine appearances and the operation, when you get the machines, here are some instructions for you to check as a reference.


1.      This machine could work under Win 7 32 bits, win 7 64 bits, and also Windows 8 system, but only Windows 8.0 system.There is a drive to install with this system, after you get our machines, pls contact us for this drive.


2.      In the old style machines, when you press the Pulse button, there should be laser out, yet with the new style machines,there is no laser out after you press the pulse button, that is because the machine is under water protect model. There is one button on the machine, and customers need to insert the button to the water chiller, and then press the pulse button, there will be laser out. Here are the photos of the button, and the position to insert into the water chiller.

3.      We also offer new laser machine user manual, and it is inside the CD, when customers got the machines, pls kindly check the CD in advance. In case to avoid some troubles.


Hope this will help our customers to operate the machines in the shortest time, this is your friend Amar. If you need more information about our laser machine and cnc router, contact me directly pls. My email:   Skype: amorntech 

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