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How to improve stone cnc router engraving efficiency

Time:Jul 23, 2014Author:Amar


We MORN is the manufacturer of laser cutting machine, wood cnc router and also other related cnc router machines, like stone cnc router. After got the stone cnc router, some customers checked with us and said they want to improve the engraving efficiency? We all know that stone and granite are very hard to process, here we have some good ideas to share with you…


For our friends who do stone carving, the most important point is that we adjust the cutting thickness according to the hardness of stone carving knives and carving material, that is each layer under the knife depth. Each material cutter knife will have a maximum amount to reach, we stone engraving machine for processing time try not to reach processed with the max amount of cutter knife, for after a long process, the tool is damaged faster. And when you reach at the maximum, the processing speed is also not fast, if the speed is set too fast, then the bits will be damaged. So it is better that we set the amount of the knife maximum amount of 2/3, so that the tool life will greatly increase the processing speed can also improve a lot; tool costs can be saved this way, you can improve processing efficiency.


We can also be carried out in accordance with the actual situation and then roughing finishing, roughing, removal of all possible margins, saving finishing time; better processing properties of the tool material can also be used. Stone engraving machine performance does not only show in the machine's hardware configuration, we also need to accumulate a little bit of experience in processing, improve processing efficiency


If you are interested and want to know more information about our stone cnc router, PLS contact us directly, we are always here at your service.



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