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How to avoid the electromagnetism from the stepper motor of cnc router machine

Time:Jul 08, 2014Author:Amar


When cnc engraving machine works, it is easily to produce a number of different electromagnetic waves, which are sometimes very easy to affect the stability of the electromagnetic of the engraving machine, interference control commands.This is because the general stepper motor and drive housing is not aluminum,titanium, magnesium alloy casing magnetically shielded, so the sensitivity of the receiver system cause interference, it can not work, and the power of pollution, resulting in single-chip control systems and PC machine can not communicate, causing serious micro controller crash, caused difficulties for normal use, so interference problems must be addressed. So how could we solve the electromagnetic interference of cnc router machine?


1. Install a power filter,reducing contamination of the AC power.

2. "A little ground" principle. The power supply filter, the driver PE, the control pulse and direction pulse lead DIR-shorting after the motor ground wire cable between the drive and the motor protective cover, drive shielded wire are connected to the chassis grounding screw on the wall and asked good contact.


3. Try to increase the engraving machine control cable and power cable (L, N), from the motor drive cable (U, V, W) between avoid cross, such as we are dealing with two dual-axis drive system in the same chassis Driver installation position, a drive plate forward.

4. Use shielded cables to reduce outside interference on their own, or their own (power line)interference with the outside world.
By means of the above four different treatment, it can be good to avoid the impact of electromagnetic waves generated by its work engraving machine stability. Apart from this, customers also pay attention to the external environment around the device, prone to magnetic fields away from other equipment or the environment.

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