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How about the training of laser machine and cnc router?

Time:Dec 16, 2014Author:Linda H

Everyone will care about the after-sale services or the training services before they buying co2 laser cutting machine

Yes, we also think it is very important. Then what about our MORN training services? Please check as following:

1. We offer free training in our workshop, you can talk to our technician face to face and there will be a walk-you-by-the-hand program waiting for you here.

2. If you cannot go to our workshop for your tight time. We have specialized technicians will offer online training for you. By online chatting tools such as Skype,Whatsapp, Email, Phone etc

3. We offer detailed user manual which will teach you how to install, how to operate or even how to solve simple problems. Besides, some learning videos are also available for you.

Please trust, our laser machines are simple for operation. And we offer help for 24 hours.

Please contact as following if you have more questions or need some quotation of our machines:


Skype: cmorntech

Whatsapp: 008618254195309

We will reply soon!

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