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What we should do if the spindle of CNC router does not move?

Time:Apr 08, 2015Author:Sofia

What we should do if the spindle of CNC router does not move?

After a period of operating CNC router machine, there will appear some problems. For example, The spindle of CNC router machine does not move any more. In this situaton, we we should do ? and how to solve this problem and bring the machine come back to normal work ?

Morn wood CNC router mahcine

Lots of customers is exciting to get their own CNC router machine to operate. Sometimes there is not always happy to use it because not all the CNC router user are the engineer who can solve the problems easily.During the machine operating period, there will be appear this kind or that kind of problems. It will be really headache for fresh man. Here is a very popular problem maybe you just meet as we talked above. Morn Engineer sumrised few possibilities that lead the spindle not move as well as the solving method based on the 13 years experience.

1. The most simple way is to reinstall the computer program
Before reinstall, all the working parameter have been download, or there will be appear of another problems of reset parameter.

2. Check whether the driver is working or not.

You could open the control cabinet to judge it. when turn on the machine, it shows green lighting on the driver, it means working. if there is red lighting, then we could ensure the driver has problems, we need to change it.

3. Check whether cable connect the spindle with the inverter is ok or not.

The inverter control the moving requency of the spindle. so if the cable is not connect the spindle and the inverter well, the spindle will stop move. Check it and connect it again, then ok

4. Check the inner lead is welded well or not.
Find a multimeter first and then check the Resistance at the Outlet core line place is exsitent or not. If there is no Resistance, please weld the inner lead again to ensure it could work smoothly.

5. Check the cable between spindle and inverter is well or not.
Find the multimeter first and check the Resistance on the two sides of the cable. If there is no Resistance, you need to change a new cable then ok.

Above is the five possibilty that may lead the spindle stop moving, as well as the solving methods. Hope Morn could help you someday.

Warm tips from Jinan Morn Technology Co.,Ltd

Before order a CNC router machine, please choice the experienced and mature company to avoid the small problems of machine. Order from the mature machine, your problems will be solved in time even if it happens.

Morn wish you could operate your machine well welcome to contact us if you need any help.


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