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Using the Stone Engraving Machine in Right Way

Time:Apr 09, 2015Author:April

 Using the Stone Engraving Machine in Right Way

Nowadays the stone engraving machine become more and more popular but more and more people complained that their machines always have all kinds of problems after using no more than one years. People think that is caused by the low quality of the machine. Actually most of the problems is made by the wrong using. Do you really know how to use your machine? Let’s Morn talk to you. The following tips on using the machines can help make it easier to protect your machines:

(1)  The first important thing is water.
Make sure the cooling system and water type vacuum pump have a good condition, you must prepare a lot of water. If your stone engraving machine is continuous working more than 10 hours, you must pay more attention on the cooling system and the water type vacuum pump. You should make sure the clean of the cooling water and the water type vacuum pump can work normally. You must prepare a lot of circulating water. In order to keep the water temperature in low, you must change the cooling water in regular. If possible, you can use a large capacity tank. You must try you best to ensure the water-cooled spindle motor can not lack of water.
(2) Cleaning is a good habit 
You must build a good habit of cleaning your machine. After using the stone engraving machine, you should do the cleaning of the machine. Keep the platform clean. The most important thing is that you should refuel on the transmission system( XYZ-axis) regularly.
(3) Refuel doesn’t mean waste
Refuel doesn’t mean waste of your money. If you want to your machine keep a good condition, you must refuel it regularly. If you haven't used the machine for a long time, please refuel the machine and make the machine do the idle work once a week to ensure the flexibility in the transmission system.
(4) Don’t forget the circuit
Another important thing to keep in mind is to clean up the dust electrical box (depending on usage). In order to make sure whether the circuit safe and reliable to use, you should check the wiring terminal screws more carefully.
(5) The screw is the most important things
It is necessary to check whether all the screw of the machine is ok. According to most of people, screw is the normal overlooked parts of the machine. In fact, the screw is one of the most important things of the machine, and it seems to be easier to have problems rather than any other parts.  

All in all, nothing is more important than giving your machine undivided attention when you using it. Maybe some problems can be difficult to avoid, but if you want your machine has less problems, you must learn how to use them in right way. So use them more carefully and try to learn how to protect them. You must know how to, and consistently use the skill. In this way your machine will have a longer lifetime.

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