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What is the World best laser cutting machine?

Time:Oct 27, 2016Author:April

In recently, lots of customers tell me they want the best laser cutting machine for starting a new business, but they didn’t know what’s the best laser cutting machine and how to choose it. Yes, different machine with different price, some are expensive (even USD 20000) and some so cheap (less USD 790). Which is the best Co2 laser cutting machine? How to choose the word best laser cutter? Now let MORN give you some advice.

Safe system:
More and more people tell us, why the same configuration but the price is different. One machine is over USD 4000, the other one is USD 2000. “the configuration are same, your Co2 laser cutting machine price is so expensive.” The configuration is same but the machine quality are different. We must check the machine depends on the details of picture that the supplier showed to us.
Most of supplier have the same safe system, such as water protection, open door stop, limit swith, enmergency stop button. So lots of customer trust the safe of the machine and choose the cheap one. But except the system, is your machine really safe? Open your machine control box and check the line of your laser machine. Most of supplier used the 0.5m2 lines instead of 0.75m2 lines. It means your machine lifetime will shorter. I should tell the MORN customer, do not worry, MORN laser machine use the 1m2 lines instead of 0.75m2, it is safe for your using.

For the switch, do not ignore the swithes of your laser machine. Some suppliers use the 1P or 2P switches. It is not safe for high power laser machine. MORN machine use 3P switch to make sure the safe of customer using. And if you can open your control box, you will get a strange parts like the pictures shows. It is the AC contactor. The laser machine will often broken when the no power suddently. And you will see the spark in the emergency stop switch. It is very dangerous. So MORN use the AC contactor to make you use the machine happy and safier. Do not ingore the details of the laser machine. Lots of money will be saved in the details of the machine. And the details parts of the machine will make shorter lifetime of the machine, and most important thing is make your life danger.

After sale service:

Lots of people tell me, all the Chinese Co2 laser cutting machine suppliers will offer the 7/24 hours online service and English manual will be sent by machine. They are all same. Is really all same? Some machine price will be including the engineer service charge. If you buy a cheap machine, is really including the engineer service? And some sales will tell you they will help you. As we know, sale is only sale, they can not instead of engineer. Engineer means he will help you to solve the problems in short time in professional way. For most of sales, they need translate your questions to their engineer and their engineer tell him the solution, then they told you. Is all the meaning right? English is not the mother tongue for Chinese. The engineer can help you in one days, the sale maybe take 3-5days. If you have the gift shop, it means you will lose a lot of money even than the machine price. So my advice is the best laser cutting machine supplier must have their own after sale engineer group. They will help you know your machine better and faster.

All in all, the word best machine must have their own safe system and professional after sale engineer group. We can not say MORN machine is the world best machine, but we can say our laser machine is the best laser machine with the moderate price. Morn has produced laser machine for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about the CNC router or laser machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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