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Why are people so interested in acrylic laser cutting machine?

Time:Mar 17, 2016Author:April

Advertising is filled in our life and you can enjoy it everyday. The development of the advertising industry more overwhelming, so the rapid development of the industry will often involve acrylic.
In addition, a number of other industries also use acrylic sheet. When the acrylic gradually spread social time, laser cutting machine becomes more and more important. Acrylic sheet has good light transmission, fight strong, and good plasticity. And in common market Glass, compared to ordinary plastic products, acrylic strong fight against the most obvious advantage.

Why acrylic and acrylic laser cutting machine is so popular? Acrylic cost is slightly higher, but the kind of color, color, type and hardness higher Glass. In addition, the acrylic sheet through built-in lighting and external lighting, respectively have different effects. Acrylic decoration of the external light source, there will be a better sense of light, and built-in lighting, makes acrylic sheet presented semipermeable romantic visual effects.

So why use laser cutting machine for acrylic cutting? The most important point, laser cutting machine easy operation and fast amplitude. The most important thing that it has a higher accuracy than the conventional cutting die. And its price is not higher than conventional cutting die, but running costs are also low. Simultaneously, acrylic laser cutting machine do not need to spend a lot of time and mold maintenance, will save a lot of costs. Its stable performance, long life, easy fast, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Morn has produced laser machine for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about the CNC router or laser machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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