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what you should pay attention when choose a suitable CNC engraving machine?

Time:Apr 11, 2015Author:Miya


what you should pay attention when choose a suitable CNC engraving machine?

CNC engraving machine is widely used in many lines now, such as Characters cutting, relief processing, 3D processing wood. And there are many kinds of style and a lot of manufacturers from all in the world for your choice.

Do you have any questions when you choose a suitable CNC engraving machine?  answer is yes according our experience.Now let’s tell you should pay attention to what aspects when you choose CNC engraving machine, hope there will be not any trouble for your next purchase after you seeing.

1.Get basic knowledge of CNC engraving machine first.

In generally,you will consult some questions when you want to buy a machine,if you don’t know about this machine,only to buy one according to supplier’s recommend.So you cannot judge if it is suitable for you.Now,give you basic knowledge about CNC engraving machine as bellow for your reference:

 Wood CNC router machine is professional for engraving and cutting wood, MDF, aluminum panels, ABS,acrylic, PVC,etc.

 Molding CNC router is to engrave and cut metal mould, and  thickness it can engrave is about from 5-30mm. 

Stone CNC router is to engrave and cut stone, it could work on various of stone. Most perfect for engraving on stone like marble, bluestone and even on hard stone like 



2. What kind of material you want to engrave

CNC engraving machine could engrave and cut many of different material. But it can not  do all the work. So you must to choose a suitable one for your working. Now give you some examples for your reference.

you buy a mould engraving machine to carve door, or buy a large engraving machine carving seal, which caused great waste, but also will not get good results.

So when you purchase, must fully explain it where you want to used to the sales staff, including the size of the working, the material, the thickness of the material, weight, eventually carving effect and so on.


3.Decide to buy after engraving on the material you supply.

When buy a CNC engraving machine,if you ask sales staff to carve sample on your material you need ?As far as we know,there are many customers don’t to do because they think it is trouble to send sample.To be honest,it is the key to get good machine.So you should send sample first,then ask supplier show you the result after carving, it can secure that you can buy a good machine. Then you can have evidence against him if received a bad machine.So we must make plenty of investigation as choosing machine ,in order to avoid troubles after purchasing.


All in all,purchasing carefully before is the key to avoid the after-sale problems,so don't be afraid of trouble and waste time when choosing,because it is the best way to get a suitable CNC engraving machine.


Of course ,if there are still some questions in your side after seeing above or want to consult other issues,you can send email to us directly, Morn will try our best to give you detailed answer.




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