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what can a Co2 laser cut?

Time:Nov 01, 2016Author:Allen


A laser cutter is a fantasti tool. It can cut and engrave all kind s of materials. And if you`ve decided to add one to your set of tools, some information you need kow. I will tell you here. Here, I`ll be focused on Co2 laser cutting machine, which are the more common and widely used type of lasers.

There is a wide variety in chioce of Co2 laser cutters out there. And the selection is continuously. As such, I won`t be discussing specific brands or models. I`ll walking through the material factors to consider during the selection process.

1. Industries need to produce a lot of products daily. laser cutting can provide quicker production than the mechanical cutting processes. These machines come with automatic load or unload features. It adds more efficiency to the manufacturing process. The lasers can keep on cutting through steel even when the employee is out on a lunch break. Thus the production time is reduced.

2. Laser machine can be used on a wide variety of materials. Such as, wood, Acrylic, MDF, PVC, stailess steel, carbon steel, brass and aluminium,etc. The type of material that you will be using will direct your choice of lasers. And also affect Co2 laser cutting machine price.

3. Laser cutting technology is helping garment manufacturers obtain standard sized, samll deviation clothing materials with low cost and high efficiency inputs in place. Graphics of different shapes and sizes can be crafted with computer aided designs and engrved on fabrics by using laser machine.

MORN as a co2 laser cutting machine suppliers in China, with Morn machine you can cut and engrave toys, arts, crafts, souvenirs, Christmas jewelry, gift items, architectural models and inlays. When laser processing wood, the focus is often on personal customization options. MORN lasers can process a variety of wood types to create the look you like.


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