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fiber laser cutting machine using tips

Time:May 07, 2015Author:Cherry

As the industrial development trend is getting better and better, and the production scale is more and more bigger. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is more obvious and prominent, more and more companies select to use the fiber laser cutting machine for production and processing. Then Morn will remind you some using tips for fiber laser cutting machine.


1. The first is skill operation training.
Fiber laser system light wavelength is harmful to our eyes, so we must taken eye measures when using the machine. Staff in pre-service is better to have the training about the system operation. For the staff that not have any experience, they must to receive the training of the operation skills before taking their jobs.

2. The second is the selection for cutting material.
Fiber laser cutting equipment
is widely used in lots of materials, but it cannot used in cutting the acrylic and polycarbonate material. For the material that can do cutting, we also need to choose the reasonable power according the material thickness. Thicker material need choice the bigger power, and in these cases, the laser cutting machine maybe not a good choice. Operators can use the fiber cutting machine cut the small tolerance thin materials.

3. Finally, it is best to assess integrated the laser cutting parts and how to buy the parts.
Equipped with a laser power supplier, gas work station, laser cutting head and highly controller, CNC and cutting control system will implement the integration of the control program solutions valuable benefits. Consider screening the before determined cutting parameters in advance, and optimize the system that professional used in the cutting, then the material can be cut after the machine start cutting.

Though the fiber laser cutting system has many unique advantages, such as high efficiency, low maintenance cost, more convenient solution. But it is not suitable for all forms of cutting. Before selecting the integrated laser cutting solutions, the manufacturer need to consider security issues and training programs, the cutting material type and thickness, meantime the requirements of the cutting quality is very important.

Hope the above using tips can do some help for you. And you can contact me freely if you need more information about the metal cutting machine. The detailed contacted method as below:
Skype: morntech02


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