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Tips for Right Use CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine I

Time:Oct 28, 2015Author:Cherry

As the CO2 laser engraving machine and cutting machine is widely used in various non metal materials, then more and more company or personal are using it in work.
And maybe you will have some question when using the machine, now I would like to share you some tips to right use the CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine as below:

1. It is strictly prohibited to use the machine without grounding, and all parts of the grounding must be fully reliable, in order to prevent static electricity custs.
2. Must check whether the submersible pump is out of the water each time after take on the machine. If don’t out of the water, it is forbidden to boot.
3. Ensure moderate water temperature, water quality of circulating water dry without sundry(suggest using pure water), and regular replacement of circulating water(7 days)
4. Use a dedicated camera lens paper or medical cotton swab with a mixture of alcohol and ether wipe the mirros and lens(ether and alcohol mixture ratio 1:1).
5. When carving must open the fan, so as to avoid pollution mirrors and lens.
6. Laser machine equipment is strictly prohibited flammable, explosive, machine work, and laser machine must be at the top of the cover plate to prevent deviation fire or laser cuts.
7. In the process of machine work, the operator to leave, in order to avoid unnecessary loss.
8. Non-professional workers are strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine without authorization, in order to avoid an accident.
9. It is forbidden to put any extraneous reflection object in the device, in case of laser direct reflection to the human body or flammable items, dangerous.
10. Voltage instability when the boot is prohibited, otherwise you must use the voltage stabilizer.
11. Untrained personnel to ban the use of laser engraving machine.
12. In the process of machine work, the operator must observe the conditions of the machine work (such as: check whether the edge of paper spread is blocked by air pump to blow high laser, the abnormal sound machine, the water temperature of circulating water, etc.).
13. Machine environment no pollution, no high voltage, strong magnetic interference and influence, etc.
14. Machine working hours continuous working time can't more than five hours (midway need to rest for half an hour or more).
15. It is strictly prohibited to current meter maximum state boot, so as not to puncture the laser power supply.
16. Meet the basic laser power supply limited (the ammeter should not exceed 20 mA)
17. If the machine malfunction or fire, please cut off power supply immediately.

For the above commandments CO2 laser engraver, users must strictly abide by, to avoid personal injury or machine damage.
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