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The reason for laser head without laser light

Time:Dec 09, 2015Author:Cherry

After long time using for the co2 laser machine, some times the laser head maybe without laser light, or with less laser light. Now Morn will share some less laser light reasons with you.

1. Press the test key of the operation panel, observation ammeter state: (ultra high speed machine, low speed machine with ammeter, other models did not match, can add by yourself)

(1) without current: check whether the laser power supply is switched on, whether the high tension line is loose or fall off, whether the loose signal is disconnected.

(2) there are current: check whether the lens is broken, whether the laser light path is serious deviation.

(3) there is something wrong with the laser tube or the laser power supply.

(4) check whether the mainboard or wiring board is a problem



2. Check whether the water circulation system is normal

(1) no drainage systems: check whether the water pump is damaged or no electricity.

(2) water: check whether the water inlet and outlet counter or pipe burst.

(3) whether the water protection is damaged, whether the water conservation convenient is broken.


If you still cannot find the reason that the co2 laser machine without laser light, or want to buy co2 laser machine, please contact us to get more details.


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