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the most common laser cutter used

Time:Dec 22, 2015Author:Miya

Wisely laser machines bring you new concepts of industrial fiber laser metal engraver and plastic marker, co2 laser cutter machine and co2 laser cutter - proudly designed and built right here in China.


Now let's us learn common CO2 laser cutter first.
Features Description: The international advanced DSP control technology, the first industry-leading continuous, fast curve

cutting function and the shortest path optimization process, greatly improving efficiency. For carving full automatic

compensation for bad light, ensure that the different zones.

About co2 laser cutter of domain cutting effect in buffering function consistent, fast cutting software design and

high-speed movement, but also can improve production efficiency. It should be user suggestions, according to different

processing objects configured for processing of occasions professional accessories, such as different pore aluminum, golden

honeycomb plate, and different gap metal grid column, and the vacuum adsorption unit and rigid material ultra-low

temperature cooling device soft materials, more in line with the user's site design requirements.


The latest software of industrial co2 laser cutterand AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and other CAD, CAM and various graphic processing

software seamless docking, direct original output, more suitable for the user's site design requirements. Advanced color

management, support any variety of colors, engraving in freely defined views.


Sequence, you can easily achieve all or part of an output. China's first use USB port to transfer data, and is equipped with

built-in large capacity memory, greatly improving the speed and efficiency.

Applicable industries:
1, the printing and packaging industry: rubber version laser cutting, laser cutting and other paper products.
2, craft gift industry: crystal carving, bamboo laser engraving, woodcut books laser engraving, laser engraving wood, color

plate engraving, the box-shaped craft laser engraving, laser engraving checkerboard marble sculpture.
3, the advertising industry: plexiglass laser engraving (cutting), two-color plate engraving, laser production of various

types of plaque.
4, leather apparel industry: all kinds of leather, clothing, fabric textile patterns, pattern cutting and leather engraving and cutting.

5, model industry: building models dash, ABS board cutting, slicing model airplane, wood cutting and carving.

6, Stone (tombstone) Industry: marble, photos and text were carved on granite.

7, the studio industry: in albums, paper, glass, acrylic on wood carving photos, create special effects photo album.


If you are interested in our co2 laser engraving cutting machine, welcome to contact us for prices, videos, specifications and more. Looking for

distributors and users all over the world.

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