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The guideline of fiber laser cutting machine

Time:Oct 29, 2015Author:April

When laser cutting machine is working, it is very dangerous. If a failure occurs, the novice must be trained to operate, the experts based on the experience of laser cutting machine. Today Morn will share 13 security details. Hope that can help you.

1. Observe the general safety rules cutters. Start the program starts in strict accordance with laser laser.

2. The operator must be trained and familiar with the device structure, performance, control operating system knowledge.

3. According to the provisions of laber wear protective equipment, in the vicinity of the laser beam must comply wear protective glasses.

4. In front of a material not clarify whether the use of laser irradiation or heat, not its processing, in order to avoid potentially dangerous fumes and vapors.

5. When the device start operating personnel that are not allowed to leave their posts or trustee to be managed, as indeed need to leave it should be stopped or you need cut off the power switch.

6. About fire extinguisher, it need be place you can get it easy .Turn off the laser or make sure the shutter is not working; do not put paper, cloth, or other combustible materials in the vicinity of the laser beam can be unprotected.

7. When abnormality is processing, it should be immediately shut down, timely troubleshooting, or reporting officer.

8. Keep the laser, the bed and around the site clean and orderly, no oil, parts, lumber, scrap pile according to regulations.

9. When using gas cylinders, should avoid crushing welding wires, to avoid leakage accidents. The use of gas cylinders, gas cylinders should be subject to surveillance transport regulations. Prohibit cylinders prolonged sun exposure in the sun or near a heat source. When the cylinder valve open, the operator must stand on the side of the lip.

10. To comply with safety regulations when servicing high pressure. Every 40 hours or weekly maintenance work every 1000 hours of operation or maintenance every six months, to be conducted in accordance with rules and procedures.

11. After low speed should be manually turned on X, Y directions starting machine, check to make sure whether the abnormal situation.

12. After a new workpiece program input, you should test run and see what happens at first.

13. When it is working, observe the operation of the machine, in order to avoid cutting out the effective stroke range or two collision accident.

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