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The economical model of CNC wood engraving machine

Time:Apr 01, 2015Author:Linda H

The wood engraving CNC machine are commonly used in modern society, Usually in woodcarving  industry, people make designs or models on computer such as spare parts for the produce, car tyre model or car decoration products. All in all, woodworking carving machine plays a more and more important role in the industrial production.

We can offer CNC wood engraving machine according to customers’ requirements.Following we will introduce one of our economical wood cnc machine MT-C1325.

This wood engraving machine adopted advanced control system, convenient operation, designed with more human nature. It is popular used for advertising and woodindustry, such as wood door, furniture, kitchen ware and some othercutting and 3d engraving works. It also can work on acrylic, MDF, PVC etc.


#. Working area: 1300*2500 mm 

#.3.0KW Water cooling spindle

#.NC STUDIO control system                      

#.Cast aluminum working table (T-slot work table)              

#.High speed stepper motor                   

#.  Taiwai TBI square orbit

#.  XY oblique gear rack, Z ball screw                                             

#. With lubrication system

#. Type 3 software


For more information of this wood engravingcnc machine, please click CNC wood engraving machine

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