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The difference between CO2 and fiber laser cutting of metal

Time:Mar 10, 2016Author:April

In fact, with the cutting machine, metal fiber than CO2 laser cutting machine metal laser cutting machine is faster, higher quality metal laser power and maintenance costs and operating costs are significantly reduced.

1. The transmission in two different laser beam, the laser fiber is not as CO2 (the laser beam is generated media) is not transmitted through the mirror, which makes fiber laser technology does not exist between the mirrors range limits. Similarly, when the same power and gas cutting system comparison, since the ability to bend the fiber makes the system even more compact.

2. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber metal laser cutting machine is far beyond CO2 metal laser cutting machine. The user can use the fiber metal laser cutting machine to achieve higher power efficiency, about 25-30% between, is carbon dioxide laser cutting machine brand the actual utilization of the cutting system three to five times as much. Fiber metal laser cutting machine energy efficiency compared to cutting carbon dioxide system has improved more than 90%.

3. In terms of maintenance, high-power CO2 laser cutting machine metal require regular maintenance, such as calibration, repair mirror resonator and the like. The fiber laser cutting machine is a metal post-maintenance-free.

4. Due to the short wavelength characteristics of the fiber metal laser cutting machine, some of the non-conductive metallic material, and brass and copper is more easily absorbed fiber laser beam. Since the optical fiber laser beam more focused, smaller spot, so cutting sheet and plate, fiber metal laser cutting machine faster. 6mm thick to cut material when cutting speed 1.5kW fiber laser cutting system equivalent to cutting speed 3kW CO2 laser cutting system.

5. CO2 gas laser systems require regular maintenance; turbine requires maintenance and renovation, mirrors require maintenance and calibration cavity in order to ensure the purity of carbon dioxide need regular cleaning, clean-up costs high. MORN laser cutting machine manufacturers of fiber laser cutting solution that requires almost no maintenance.

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