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The best choice of wood carving machine for furniture

Time:Mar 06, 2015Author:Linda H

Wood carving cnc router is computer controlled engraving or cutting machine. They are more and more widely used inwood works, such as woo door, furniture, kitchen ware and some other woodcutting and 3D engraving works.

With a wood cnc router you will able togreatly expand the capabilities of your shop or factory, reduce labor hours, improveefficiency and become more competitive in your market.  The question is: what is the best choice if I want to buy one wood carving machine for furniture?

In fact, the cnc router machine with ATC isthe best choice.  Here we share you one machine model for wood works.

# 5.5 KW Water cooling spindle  (air cooling spindle is also optional)                   

# LNC control system                           

# Vacuum and T-slot combined table                                                                                      

# X.Y oblique gear rack,   Z. Ball screw             

# Water type vacuum pump                         

# Japan YASKAWA servo motor 

#Taiwan TBI square orbit                         

# With double bag dust collector

# 6 tools vertical auto-change function       

# With Artcut software 

Please be assured of our machine quality, since all of our parts are original, included Taiwan TBI square orbit, Japan YASKAWA servo motor, Delta inverter etc. All of our machines are tested and meets European standard, we also have CE certificate for all of our cnc router machines. 

Following are some wood carving samples for your reference:

This wood carving machine is mainly usedfor processing wood materials, especially solid wood door, furniture, kitchenware, wood bed and some other 3D carving and wood cutting works. Besides, thismachine also can work on acrylic, MDF and PVC.


For detailed quotation, welcome to contactus without hesitate! 24-hour services are available for you. 

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