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Some famous springs are drying up in Jinan

Time:Nov 27, 2014Author:Amar

Hello friends,

Good day to you.

We located in Jinan city, Shandong province, China, a beautiful city famous for springs. Springs taste sweet, and a lot of people in China and foreign friends come to our city to see the springs. The most famous one is Spouting spring. 

In Summer, the spring did bring people a lot of happiness there. It cooled the city, and also a lot of people take water for drink, we all love it. Yet due to the persistent drought, Spouting spring has already happened 6 times yellow lights, three times even break through orange light warning line. The experts said if this keep on happening, the Spouting spring might stop gushing in the next year spring. We do hope it will not happen...

dear friends, if you would like to visit Spouting spring before it stopped gushing, welcome to our city. We will also show you our laser machine workshop and cnc router machine workshop for further details if your time available. 

Anytime you will be welcomed to visit us and visit our city.

I am yours friend Amar, any needs contact me directly:       skype: amorntech

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