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Purchase season in 2014, contact us for further information~

Time:Oct 08, 2014Author:Amar

Hello friends,

How are you these days? Long time no see.


This is your friend Amar, we had 7 days National day holiday and just back to our office. Weare all fine and enjoyed our holiday very much, it is wonderful, we do hope allof you have nice days too~


This is the last quarter of 2014, and it is also the purchase season every year. During thistime, most of suppliers will offer discount and free gifts to their clients, soit is a good chance to get the goods that you are willing to buy~


We MORN company also offer cheap laser cutter, if you want to buy cnc router machine and buy laser engraving machine, please send inquiries to us directly, email address: 


We will offer best quality machines and best price machines to you, also you will get best after-service from MORN team, hope we could do business together!

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