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The main technical characteristics of laser machine

Time:Oct 30, 2015Author:Elena

    Jinan Morn is professional in co2 laser cutting machine manufacturers. When you are looking for a laser machine, you should know some information about it. Our laser is with high Configuring USB with the motherboard, which can achieve offline, energy control, with separations cutting and carving slope function. 
It request carving cutting more accurate, to meet the requirements of packaging printing plate industry. 
Morn is Professional development of control software, With independent intellectual property rights. You can realize engraving and cutting parameter settings, Cutting function with envelope, Can automatically generate an envelope, you can freely set the engraving area and parameters, frame cutting, etc.

Main feature:

1.Slope carving function, completely solve printing problems
2.High efficiency, is 10-15 times by hand-engraved version; high accuracy, low cost, good printing effect.
3.Mechanical structure optimization, Overall dimensions Minimum.  It not only save valuable space but easily deformed structure high precision cutting.
4.German high technology sub-drive, Run faster than the micro controller more than five times faster.
5.Unique exhaust system effectively protect laser head, the laser head is easier to maintain
6.Special metal lens focusing the laser beam stronger finer after
7.The use of patented technology allows rubber plate engraving better, it is not easy to burnt
8.Genuine miniature laser engraving software, powerful; engraving and cutting can be performed simultaneously; free upgrade service
9.Front and rear direction of the entire board material can be placed without cutting

For industry

1, the printing and packaging industry: rubber version laser cutting, laser cutting and other paper products. 
2, craft gift industry: crystal carving, bamboo laser engraving, woodcut books laser engraving, laser engraving wood, color plate engraving, the box-shaped craft laser engraving, laser engraving checkerboard marble sculpture. 
3, the advertising industry: plexiglass laser engraving (cutting), two-color plate engraving, laser production of various types of plaque. 
4, leather apparel industry: all kinds of leather, clothing, fabric textile patterns, pattern cutting and leather engraving and cutting. 
5, model industry: building models dash, ABS board cutting, slicing model airplane, wood cutting and carving. 
6, Stone (tombstone) Industry: marble, photos and text were carved on granite. 

7, the studio industry: in albums, paper, glass, acrylic on wood carving photos, create special effects photo album;

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