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New-design Heavy Stone CNC Engraving Machine

Time:Jun 18, 2015Author:April

Nowadays the stone engraving machine become more and more popular. In order to meet all kinds of customer’s demand, Morn produces a new design stone CNC engraving machine. And this machine is get unanimous favorable comments from customers. And today let Morn introduce this new design heavy stone CNC engraving machine for you.

1.Simple Structure
This machine adopts simple structure, but has easier operation and good appearance.
2.Strong steel machine bed
This machine bed adopts strong steel, upgrade heavy-loading capacity. This machine can bear more than 2MT stone material.
3.The strengthened machine side
The machine sides are strengthened, it can relieve shaking of the machine when working and enhance processing precision.
4.The upper water outlet
Water outlet is upper than water tank bottom, so stone power during processing can be precipitated completely, therefore, tool-cooling water become clear for better performance.
5.Obstructed water tank
Water tank is obstructed. When circling water flow through obstruct, it can be precipitated.
6.Clamp adopts wide plate
Clamp adopts wide plate, it can disperse pressure to protect material from damaged, easy operation, save clamps, enhance processing efficiency.
7.Separated blocks
Machine bed adopts separated blocks, when processing big size material, worker can use small oil-pressure forklift to load material, save much time and working force, enhance working efficiency. Separated blocks make it very easy to move material through only one ripping bar.

Morn has already professionally produced the CNC stone engraving machine for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will try our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about the CNC stone engraving machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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