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ATC woodworking machine—Tool fixed on the back of table Type

Time:May 07, 2015Author:April

The ATC woodworking machine is popular with most of people, because it can finish various processes in one time. And we learned two type of woodworking machine with ATC, today Morn will introduce another type for you—Tool fixed on the back of table Type.

1.Economic promotional type
This machine is a economic promotional type of processing center with a row tool changer. Main parts are at a leading international level.
2.Water cooling spindle
The machine adopts high power imported bearing water cooling spindle. It has low noise and long life span.
3.Imported square orbit
The three axis adopt imported square orbit. XY adopt high speed gear rack. Z adopts imported ball-screw. It moves smoothly and steadily.
4.Serve motor and drive
Three axis adopt high power and speed, low noise and error rate servo motor and drive, locating accurately, moving smoothly and steadily.
5.Standard integration control system
The woodworking machine adopts standard integration control system and seven-inches displayer. It has high cost-performace value and high reliability. The system is based on WinCE service platform, avoiding virus and maintaining, easy to operate, convenient to be upgraded. Speed adaptive optimization algorithm: high efficiency in relief processing, excellent performance in details. Support NC, ENG, DXF and many other files. Break point and break knife continue engraving function, ball screw error compensation function and other advanced functions. The buttons of the keyboard all adopt imported micro switches, long service time.
6.Welded thick steel tube lathe bed
Lathe bed adopts welded thick steel tube which processed by giant gantry, strong enough to prevent deformation.
7.Oiling system
Oiling system can lubricate the transmitting part effectively, improving machine’s life span.
8.Spindle temperature display
Equipped with spindle temperature display. Can clearly and directly see the temperature of spindle. It can avoid the decrease of life span which is caused by high temperature.

Morn already has produced the ATC Woodworking Machine for many years, we have professional designer and technician in this area. Our Morn team is sunny and positive, we will do our best to offer each customer the best service. If you have any question about ATC Woodworking Machine you can contract us directly. We will try our best to help you.

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