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Why is fiber laser cleaning machine better than more traditional cleaning machine?

Time:Jul 19, 2018Author:Kelly Jiang

Laser cleaning is one of the more modern versions of the cleaning process and has rapidly replaced more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting or media blasting due to the numerous benefits that it provides. Using a fiber laser as the medium works in a much different way to other types of laser cleaning methods. We have explored this in more detail below and explained Why is this process better than more traditional methods.


Firstly, other methods were contact processes, meaning they were abrasive and damaging to the materials that they were working with. Take media blasting, for example, which essentially acts like a pressure washer, but with pressurized air, to blast a material until it is clean. It often affects the material that you don’t want to damage below! Laser cleaning, is non-contact and non-abrasive, and so will only irradiate the material that you want to get rid of.


Secondly, you also have a great deal of control over the beam, meaning you can achieve the desired depth that you want to. Further to this, you can irradiate the whole surface layer of a material, or a much thinner layer, say the topcoat of paint, but not the primer below. Or, should you wish, you can just clean a very small section.


Last but not least, laser cleaning works is that not much waste is left over due to the irradiation process; the substrate is simply evaporated rather than left as waste. The majority of the waste that is left over comes as dust particles and can be easily collected and removed by the user. Previous processes left a great deal of waste that had to be removed. Not only is this costly in terms of time efficiency, but much of this waste was hazardous as well, and users were often required to wear protective gear. This danger to worker safety has been removed by the laser.


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